Wednesday, January 10, 2007

No Macs at Macworld?


I watched Macworld last night and even though I was knocked back by the iPhone, it was surprising to see no mention of the Macs whatsoever, or Leopard or even iLife and iWork!

But I have a theory...
Apple uses this new Multi-touch in their iPhone, and it looks absolutely amazing. But I really don't think Apple went through all this trouble for it to stop at the iPhone. I think that a Multi-touch Mac is coming up. From the look of the multi-touch presentation on that leaked video from years ago, it looks like they have big plans for Multi-touch, it is afterall a revolutionary interface, like the mouse and click-wheel.
So why were there no Macs? I think they're building an iMac, even if it is going to be called that I'm skeptical of, since it doesn't fit the i = consumer, Power = Professional table anymore with the introduction of Macbook/MacbookPro/Mac Pro etc... - an iMac with multi-touch BUT they are not ready yet, if they were Steve would have showed us, but they are not quite ready. Maybe Leopard's big features is exactly this...Multi-touch! And this is why we didn't see Leopard on Tuesday either.

I might be a little enthusiastic or optimistic but I think this is what Apple has in mind. But what about the MacMinis and MacPros -they don't have displays like 'iMac' - that's where these 'New Apple displays' steps in... the ones we didn't see - again because it's not ready. iSight was taken off the store because it's going into these new displays and so is multi-touch. Leopard will have Mouse/Keyboard compatbiility, but I'm guessing it has Multi-touch too...well hopefully!

After reading the text-updates I was dissapointed with Macworld, but after seeing it on Quicktime, it wasn't a dissapointment, because iPhone is infact a column that is upholding the new Apple Inc. Apple is moving out of just the computer industry, it did so in 2001 with the iPod, so to criticise them for straying away from computers is ridiculous! I think despite not being a traditional Macworld we were all expecting, it was likely one of the most important the company has had or will have for a long time, so was exciting. Maybe Jobs was expecting his new Multi-touch Macs to be ready and that's why it seemed a little empty.

Oh well...I can dream.

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