Saturday, December 09, 2006

No Wii for Mii

Well today I am somewhat dissapointed, apathetic because I have found and worked out that it is likely I'm not going to be getting my Nintendo Wii with Twilight Princess bundle in time for Christmas :-(. The annoying part: if I'd pre-ordered with Amazon or Woolworths on the same day I did with GAME, I'd have had one yesterday...aargh.

Well, it may come, let's hope...

Also my mobile phone was put in the washing machine a few weeks ago (doh!) and now it's wrecked and gone to Cellular Heaven. Luckily, I can claim on it on my House Insurance and now they're giving me a new w810. Hmm...I kinda liked the White/Orange of the w800 but the w810 is good as well, so all is well.

And I lost all my photos off the memory card...harrumph!

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