Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Where's the wii?

So now my Wii is on it's way and should get here before Christmas! Huzzah!

It got 'dispatched' from Swansea depot early hours this morning (Tuesday 19th) so should get to me sometime today...except it's now 11:43pm...frankly I'd be angry if they called this time of night, it being night and all.
I did another "Track'n'Trace" but the status is that my Wii is 'out there' somewhere. The tension literally has it's oversized fingers wrapped around my throat and is cutting out my circulation.

Oh yes fun, we had a 'visit' by a 'doctor' in Psychology who manages to 'heal' people of their blindness through Psychsomatic therapy...oh I just love the obliviousness of these people. Well I don't really. It was more of a slag-fest of the NHS for not talking to it's patients but there was definitley something 'behind the scenes' of these people. Oh well...thrilling 90 minutes, I tell you that.

And I get my MacBook in under 7 days - YES!!! I can't wait! Also get the Wii hopefully by then! Well it is all good.
No more lessons for me now until January! That's only 3 weeks away but it strips away the amazingness if you say it like that.

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